Changing Hardware

Several years ago I had beautiful wood cabinetry that was worn in spots. I thought about painting them, but had a hard time losing the beautiful wood grain. They were maple and many of them had the rare Birdseye pattern in them. But I really wanted to try gray cabinets. I searched on Pinterest for gray stained cabinets. I thought this would give me the gray look while also keeping the wood grain pattern visible. I loved the pictures I found and decided on a gray stain. The next challenge is finding someone who will do the job. Refinishing a decent amount of gray cabinets is a JOB. I finally found someone to do it and quickly realized it would be disruptive (the kitchen would be torn apart for about three weeks) AND expensive (much more than painting them would be). At the time, my husband was not thrilled with the idea.

A Big Difference

So, I decided to change out the hardware to see what that would do. The cabinets were stained a dark reddish brown and had silver hardware. I decided to change it to black. What a difference that made! The cabinets looked completely different. They looked like I had gotten entirely new cabinets. It gave them a rustic/classic look and I loved it. I changed the drawer pulls to bin pulls and that made them look even more classic (you can find vintage bin pulls to prove it.). The cabinets were still worn, so I had someone take just those ones and fix them to look new. So, to me, the cabinets looked new. They looked classic AND I saved thousands.

Try a Variety of Finishes

In my current kitchen I had silver pulls with white centers. They looked okay, but dated. I considered keeping them as I thought they could have been original, but I decided not to because I doubted they were. I went to Lowe’s and picked out a black pull, a brushed silver pull, and a bronzed pull. I tried each of them on to take a look. Because of my experience with the black pulls in my previous kitchen, I was certain black would win out, but it didn’t. So, I was glad I brought home a few options. My cabinets are white and I really liked the look of brushed silver. It looked great with the gray color scheme I chose for my kitchen. 

Brushed Silver Hardware
Brushed Silver Hardware


In terms of price, you can buy the pulls that are $2.50 or ones for $4.50 and they both work the same. If you’re wanting something that looks more unique, Hobby Lobby has painted pulls in colors and patterns you could only dream of. Or, check out for some really unique styles. You’ll pay more for these unique pulls for sure, however, so you might have to reserve them for a piece of furniture instead of an entire set of kitchen cabinets.

No Time Required!

Changing hardware is putzy, but it didn’t take me long. I used a power screwdriver and changed 22 pulls in under an hour. I love projects that are easy, don’t take much time, and make a huge difference! Remember that if you need a large quantity of pulls, you may have to order them. Leave about 7-10 days for that just in case. And if you’re painting your cabinets, do this step last or you’ll just have to do it twice.

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