White countertops

Whenever I visited a person’s home and see what they chose for their countertops, they typically choose some sort of color and/or pattern. If it’s laminate, the color could be green, beige, or a rust color. If it’s granite, there is some sort of stone look, but typically in a color with brown or reddish tones. However, if you watch HGTV, a countertop with color is NEVER chosen.

White is Modern

What is typically chosen is plain white or a marble white with gray veins in it. Typically quartz is chosen, however, you can get the same effect with a white or marble granite or solid surface material. White or white marble makes the space brighter and look cleaner. A lot of times it’s put with white cabinets as well, which really makes the space look clean and modern. I find it interesting that regular people (not designers) never seem to choose this option. But it’s worth exploring. It really makes the space shine. If you’d like to see some pictures, like always, see my Pinterest Board on white or marble countertops. White cabinets aren’t always used either. So, if you want a colorful cabinet, you should still consider white or white marble countertops.

Black is Classic

I’ve also seen black countertops lately that also look amazing. Black countertops with white cabinetry looks great as well, especially with tile flooring. If you have hardwood flooring and white cabinets, I’d stick with white countertops. I bet you’ve never considered black countertops before, but they look so clean and modern. Again, see my board of black countertops on Pinterest for some pictures. You’ll be surprised at how great this looks. And I bet you never thought about choosing a black countertop. It has an impressive, classic look.

Choose Any Material

You can choose black or white or white marble in granite, quartz, solid surface, or even laminate. When looking at black laminate, I wasn’t as impressed with the look of it. Laminate can sometimes look fake…like a picture of granite or quartz. To help make it look like a stone surface, choose a square or standard edge instead of a rounded edge. After getting estimates for all types, laminate was the cheapest, followed by solid surface, which was about $1000 more, then granite, which was about $2000 dollars more and the quartz was the most expensive at about $2500 more. If you choose a granite or quartz, selecting a white or black will make it less likely the countertop will go out of style. White or black is classic, so investing in a more expensive material would be worth it. You won’t get sick of it. It won’t go out of style. Spending that $3500 makes more sense.

My Choice: Solid Surface

In my kitchen I opted for solid surface. I couldn’t afford granite or quartz and I didn’t think my house supported it. But I didn’t like the fake look of laminate. I’ve seen some laminate that looks nice…even granite like, so I know it’s possible. But I really like the look of solid surface. It looks so clean and smooth. And if you stain it, you can just buff out the stain. You always have to use pot holders…it can’t withstand heat, but if you can remember to do that, a solid surface has a nice look to it. And yes, I choose a white. See picture below. I love how it turned out.

White Countertops
White, solid-surface countertops

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