shabby to chic

Before I begin my kitchen renovation project, I’d like to do what I do: bring meaning into my work. I think everyone wants to do something meaningful in their lives. So, what meaning does a kitchen remodel project have for me and for others who might want to renovate their rooms?

The Redemptive Process

For me, I’ve always enjoyed the redemptive process. I love taking something old, broken, and shabby, and turning it into something new. Something it was intended to be. There have been many times when I’ve found an old piece of furniture at a rummage sale and had a vision of what it could be. One time I found an old dresser with these gold, gaudy handles. I sanded the dresser, painted it an off-black, and put new handles on it. I weathered it a bit and it looked good as new. I later painted the same dresser a muted shade of red to go with my new color scheme and it shined once again. Another time I found an old coffee table. I added slates to the bottom creating a shelf, painted the shelf and legs green and refinished the wood top with a creamy pine finish. It looked beautiful. Before, these pieces were discarded as old, odd, and disposable. But I gave them new life.

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