The End

Whereas I may have more thoughts to share in the future, I’ve decided to share them with close family and friends for now. I’ve enjoyed this last year of blogging, but the thoughts I set out to write have been written. What I want to share from here on will be shared in a different way.

I’ve enjoyed reading comments from my readers. I’m glad you’ve felt something through my writing. It has given me purpose and it’s always nice to know when someone’s been listening. I’ve heard that I’ve made people cry. I think because there was a connection that was felt. I hope my blogs over the past year have built connections in a world that is, at times, lonely.

We’re all searching for that one person to be in our corner with us. To spur us on and make us a better person. I feel like a blog such as this needs someone behind it to be encouraging, make me stronger, and help me build strong connections. This blog is only my own. I need to go find something, or someone, in my corner. Maybe I’ll return when I have found what I’m looking for.

For now, I want my focus to be on my family. They need me right now. There is much to say. Much to reflect on. But I’m going to do my best to be the best mommy I can be. Because right now, that’s what my boys need.

There was once a spark, but now it has passed. I go on alone. This blog will forever be a part of me and I hope it will be a part of you too. I didn’t do it to gain popularity or make a name for myself. I did it because words came out of my heart and I needed to share them.

Thank you for listening, friends. I’ll miss our talks.


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