Pets are Essential

Many people don’t like pets. Maybe they don’t like the dog hair or having to walk the dog or clean out the litter box every day. Or maybe they travel and find it a hassle to deal with pets when you just want to get in the car and drive. Or maybe they’re allergic to cats. I get it. There are lots of good reasons not to own pets. But I feel like they are essential as a single mom.


My dog, Molly, is a calm Beagle mix. She’s sweet and loving. Except for the occasional time when she eats six donuts off the kitchen counter, she’s a pretty well-behaved dog. And she’s my best friend. She’s gone through everything with me. The divorce, break ups, and being alone…she’s been by my side. Whenever I’m feeling blue, I can cuddle her for a few minutes and feel better. She’s always near me. When I go upstairs to take a shower, she’ll come up and sit on my bed. When I make dinner, she’s in the kitchen with me. When I watch TV at night, she curls up on her bed in the living room. And when I go to sleep, she sleeps next to me in my bed. We go on walks and runs together and whenever I run errands, she comes in the car with me. She’s a constant companion and she’ll never leave me. I got her at the humane society 8 years ago. I went in to walk a dog after my chocolate lab had passed away. Molly was the only dog who wasn’t ferociously barking at me when I walked in. I adopted her two weeks later.


Two years ago my youngest said he wanted a kitten. He talked about it all the time. I went to the humane society again and they said they’d have kittens available in two weeks. We put our name on a waiting list. I had found a gray tabby cat in a barn that I thought was adorable. But I wouldn’t get my choice…I’d have to take whatever was available…kittens are popular. I waited three weeks, but didn’t get a call. I took my son and went to the humane society again to see if they had any adult cats we’d like. When we got there, there were two kittens in a cage! I asked the lady if they were planning to call us. She said our application was at the bottom of the stack, but because we came in, it was first come first serve. We wouldn’t have gotten the kitten if we would have had to wait for a call. There were too many people ahead of us in line. I looked in the cage and one of the kittens was a gray tabby! Perfect. We picked her out and took her home that day. It was June, so the kids named her June. Molly was a bit angry about her for a couple months, but they got used to each other and now sleep together on the couch sometimes. 

Kids and Pets

The kids love Molly and June. When they leave to go to their dad’s, they always stop to say goodbye to the pets. They cuddle them frequently and they are the first to get hugs when the kids come back after being at their dad’s. June plays video games with the boys and snuggles with us at night. They are good friends to the boys and teach the kids how to be gentle and responsible.

Me and Pets

For me, I love having someone in the house when the kids aren’t with me. So, having a cat and a dog to keep me company when alone works wonders. I teach piano lessons and Molly and June always love to have people over. They like to listen to the music. Even though pets can be a lot of work, the rewards far outweigh the negatives. If you’re single and you live somewhere that allows pets, I say go for it. Check out my Molly and June below!

Molly and June
Molly and June

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