Exercising and Single Parenting

For me, exercise is essential. I can blow off steam, work out anxiety, or calm myself down with a 45 minute run. It relieves stress and keeps me active and fit. I’ve been a runner for seven years. Prior to that I hated running and said I’d never do it. I only walked. But then I had my second child and I couldn’t lose the weight fast enough. So, I decided to start running I ran two miles almost every day for 2 years. I’d run a 5K on the weekends. Then I started running four miles three times a week. I wanted to keep up with my sister so I could run with her. Now I run twice a week, attend a zumba class once a week, and do weight lifting twice a week. Even though I’m a single parent and don’t have much time, I manage to squeeze these sessions in anyway. Here’s how I do it.

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