A Boy's Bedroom

I once had a guest bedroom that welcomed my dad, my sister, and my mom to come visit me. Now I do not. One nine year old boy decided he didn’t want to share his room with his brother anymore. His brother monopolized his bedroom. He was always using the TV I had placed there a year ago for his video games, not allowing my nine year old any xbox time at all. And my nine year old was fed up. He pleaded for his own space.

I didn’t want to do the work required to transform my guest bedroom into his very own room, but I had some extra time on my hands because I wasn’t going anywhere. It was during the quarantine and I didn’t have many places to go besides the grocery store. So, I decided to do the work for my sweet little boy.

Step 1: Order bedding

We scoured bedding at Target until we found a baseball comforter. It had red, blue, gray and white squares and little baseballs on the white squares. My son, who is a baseball fanatic, quickly decided this was the set he wanted. We ordered the sheets too. 

Step 2: The paint color

Once the bedding arrived a week later, we used it to match a gray paint that we would paint on the walls. Drew wanted gray. I felt it was neutral enough to stand the test of time. It was either that or navy, red or white. Navy would be too dark. Red would be too crazy. And white would be too boring. We picked a medium gray. It took us about three days to tape, cut in, and paint two coats on the once soft pink walls of my guest bedroom. I was a little sad to see the pink go, but I knew this room would get a lot more use as my son’s bedroom. We kept the queen sized bed so that we could just change the sheets when guests did come and have Drew sleep in his old bed in his old room on those days. 

Step 3: Accessorize

We decided to get a large 8X10 area rug in navy for the floors. We brought Drew’s cubby/shelf in from his old room and switched out the canvas bins to red to match his new room. This shelf holds his toys. We kept the white nightstand from the guest bedroom and fashioned it with a lamp and pictures of his family. We set up his new gum ball machine on the shelf. We even got three baseball themed wall hangings to go on the walls. And we got him a basketball hoop to put on his closet door.

Transformation complete! Take a look at how it all turned out. First, the before picture of my guest bedroom, and next two pictures of my son’s new room…a room all to himself. I thought he’d be scared to sleep in it all by himself, but he loves it and sleeps there every night. He snuggles in to his “big” bed like a kitten in a soft blanket. He loves his new room.

Guest Bedroom
Guest Bedroom
New Bedroom 1
New Bedroom 1
New Bedroom 2
New Bedroom 2


  1. Rose Anne Von Hollen June 14, 2020 at 6:09 pm

    Love this!! It looks great!

    • Kara June 14, 2020 at 7:23 pm


  2. Ron Kesterke July 8, 2020 at 1:43 am

    Very nice. I never had anything as nice!

    • Kara July 8, 2020 at 1:52 am

      Well you can sleep in a room like this next week!