Window Treatments

I’ve seen window treatments done poorly, and it really bothers me. So, this blog is all about finding window treatments that look great. I have a few tips and what-not-to-dos to share.

What Not To Dos for Windows

The best thing I can do is show you pictures of window treatments that many people think look great, but actually don’t. So, check out my Pinterest board on Bad Window Treatments. Most of the time the curtains used are too heavy. Sometimes there’s a big box of window treatments at the top with long, heavy curtains on the sides that usually make the room look heavy and dark. Sometimes the curtains compete with the other patterns in the house. Sometimes the curtains are too short.

What To Do for Windows

Windows bring in light. And that’s usually a good thing. So, you don’t want your curtains to block that light completely. You might want room darkening shades in a bedroom, but you also want to be able to pull them to the side during the day to let the light in. Room darkening shades do tend to be a bit heavier, but you can still find some nice ones that look good too. And even a shear curtain will add privacy, so you don’t necessarily need the dark heavy curtains to do the trick. I have teal sheer curtains on a front window of mine that work great. 

Curtain Patterns

Overall, think of your windows as a place where you can really let your design shine. They can be pieces of art. Showstoppers. Features. Keep in mind the other patterns in your room. If you have some other floral or geometric patterns, you might want to choose a solid color curtain. If you need to add some variety, you could choose something with a beautiful texture to add that variety. However, you can pair floral patterns with geometric patterns. Just make sure the patterns aren’t too bold and make sure both patterns have similar color palettes. Consider sheer curtains too if the walls are dark. That might lighten it up a bit. If you have painted walls, an accent color for the curtains will bring in some pizazz. 

Curtain Types and Tops

I typically don’t like valances. I will usually choose panels whenever I can. They add an artistic character to the walls and make the windows look bigger. You can hang your panels a foot above the window even to make the windows look even bigger. I oftentimes see people put the curtains exactly over the window and you don’t have to do that. They can extend far beyond the height of the window, extend to the sides, and drape much lower than the window as well. I typically have my panels fall to the floor, although, if they are longer than the floor and fall into heaps on the ground it can really look beautifully dramatic. Also, I typically love the grommet style for the rods. I also like the kind that tie at the top. I don’t usually pick the rod pocket style. I don’t like how it looks. I also don’t really like pleats, but tab tops are okay. Check out this website for pictures of each of these types. I also love Roman shades. You can use these effectively in the kitchen or on sliders. You can get them in a variety of patterns or wood tones.

Stores that Have Great Curtains

My two favorite stores for finding great curtains are World Market and Lowe’s. Yes, Lowe’s. I was just in Lowe’s looking for curtains and it looked like they were all on clearance, so I’m not sure if they’re still going to carry them. But they had a lot of varieties and colors I really liked. World Market has such a unique style, and I can usually find something in the store or online that I like. They have some nice sheer patterns that you can pair with solid panels for a fuller effect. I always check Pier One too. They have some nice styles. I’m not too crazy about Bed, Bath & Beyond. They have some nice curtains, but a lot that I’d put in the bad window treatments board. You might find some nice ones at stores like Home goods or TJ Maxx but you’d have to dig and go back a few times as their inventory changes a lot.  

To get some ideas for some great window treatments, that really make the window look like a piece of art, check out my Pinterest board of Great Window Treatments.

And, of course, I can’t forget to mention the window treatments I chose for my kitchen. I found them at Lowe’s, and yes, they are valances (I said I usually don’t choose them). They pick up the gray in my walls and floors, but they added a great accent color that I used in the rest of the house…turquoise, which allowed me to dress up the kitchen with some great turquoise accents and build unity throughout the house. (See these in a future post!). Check out my kitchen window treatments below!

Kitchen Window Treatments
Kitchen Window Treatments

When you’re heading to pick out window treatments, think of it as artwork. Choose a style, a top, a pattern or texture and get creative! Remember to experiment with where you place the curtain to make the window look even bigger. And visit multiple stores…you never know what you’ll find.


  1. Ron Kesterke April 11, 2020 at 11:52 pm

    The examples of bad were really bad!

    • Kara April 12, 2020 at 12:39 am

      I’m glad you think so too…gives me more confidence in you.